• Dental Sealants

  • A dental sealant is a very thin invisible plastic coating applied in the grooves on the surface of the back teeth where chewing occurs. This sealant protects them from decay. Some teeth have very deep crevices and grooves, which tend to collect germs and food particles. The sealant acts like a band-aid by blocking the harmful debris from collecting in those areas and potentially causing decay. Most kids and teenagers who get cavities at an early age are advised to get sealants in order to prevent decay in baby teeth or newly erupted permanent molars.

    When our dentist in LaGrange applies the dental sealant it takes very little time, is easy and pain free. First the tooth is thoroughly cleaned  with a flavorless polish then a gel which gets the tooth ready to bond with the sealant material is applied on the chewing surface of the tooth for just a few seconds. The tooth is washed of the gel then the sealant is simply painted on the surface of the tooth. To help the sealant to harden a light is shined on it. This is a very simple and pain free procedure that requires no injections and the result is a shield that will protect the tooth for many years to come